Music and Arts Festival - 2019 Dates To Follow

The Kiwanis Music Arts Festival of St. Catharines

Piano & Organ

Chair: Jeanne teSligte

Adjudicator: Liz Craig

Piano:  April 3 - April 6

Organ:  April 6

Location:  Scotlea Presbyterian Church, 515 Scott Street, St. Catharines, ON

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Competitors may perform in more than one class but not in more than two grade levels. A specific piece of music may not be entered in more than one class.

Competitors must perform solo performances from memory. Competitors performing a duet are allowed to use music.

All competitors must provide the Adjudicator with a published copy of the piece of music being played.  It is illegal to photocopy music for any reason; the Kiwanis Festival Committee will not accept photocopied music and any competitor submitting photocopied music will be disqualified.  The music is to be placed on the Adjudicators table prior to the performances in each class and competitors are to collect their books once they have been dismissed by the Adjudicator. Competitors are advised not to share books but, instead, bring their own music books. 

All competitors must announce their name, the title and the composer of the music they intend to play in a clear and audible voice.

Repeats are not to be played except in the case of first and second endings and if the repeat is of short duration (eg. approximately eight measures).

Competitors (male and female) are required to bow (not curtsy) at the conclusion of playing their piece as a way of thanking the audience for their attention.

Teachers are asked to provide a footstool if required by the competitor.

With the exception of the Own Choice classes, music is to be selected from the current editions of: Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), RCM Piano Official Examination Syllabus, RCM Popular Selection List (for Popular Selections category only), Conservatory Canada (CC) and Connections by Christopher Norton.

In order to be eligible for a monetary award (scholarship), a competitor must perform in a minimum of two classes or in the Concert division (classes 101-107). Competitors participating in the "No Age Limit Classes" are ineligible for a scholarship and for participation in the provincial competition. 

It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that a competitor does not perform the same selection in consecutive years.

Registration CLOSED for 2019