Kiwanis Music and Arts Festival of St. Catharines 2020 May Dates To Follow

Piano & Organ

Chair: Jeanne teSligte

Adjudicator: Andrew Aarons

Piano:  April 14 - April 17, 2020

Location:  St. Catharines United Mennonite Church - 335 Linwell Road

Festival Syllabus / Registration & Schedule: -

Piano: Competitors may perform in more than one class but not in more than two grade levels. A specific piece of music may not be entered in more than one class.

Competitors performing in the Duet Own Choice Class are allowed to use music.

All competitors must announce their name, the title and the composer of the music they intend to play in a clear and audible voice.

Repeats are not to be played except in the case of first and second endings and if the repeat is of short duration (eg. approximately eight measures).

Organ: Own choice. To be taken from RCM Organ Syllabus - 2010 List A, B, C, D or E - not including pieces noted under Technical Requirements.

2020 Registration Closed